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Apsley                                                        HHBC    Apsley Home Hardware                            

                                                                                    Eels Lake Cottages and Marina           

Bala                                                            TMBC    Weismiller Timber Mart                        

Bancroft                                                    TMBC    Wilson Timber Mart                              

Bewdley                                                                    BJ Tackle   

Bobcayeon                                               CBC       Jermyn Lumber

Bonfield                                                                    Ontario Docks Ltd .

Carnavan                                                  CBC       Cottage Country Building Centre

Coboconk                                                                Houston Marine Systems       

                                                                    HHBC    Shields Home Hardware

Coldwater                                                TMBC     Severn Timber Mart

Dorset                                                       TMBC    Dorest Timber Mart

Emsdale                                                                   Cottage Classic Floating Docks & Pontoons

Espanola                                                   HHBC    Espanola Home Hardware Building Centre

Fenelon Falls                                           CBC        Handley Lumber Ltd

Gooderham                                             TMBC     Gooderham Timber Mart

Haliburton                                               TMBC     Emmerson Lumber

                                                                    TMBC     Haliburton Lumber               

                                                                    HHBC    Walkers Home Hardware

Harcourt                                                   TMBC    Highland Timber Mart

Hartington                                               HHBC    Atkinson Home Hardware

Huntsville                                                 HHBC    Rob Rolston Building Materials Ltd

Huron Shores (Municipality of)                          Richardsdon Docks            

Keene                                                                        Interco Docks

Kilworthy                                                                  On the Water Designs

                                                                                    Superior Dock & Marine

Kingston                                                   HHBC    Atkinson Home Hardware Building Centre

                                                                                    Treasure Island Marina

Kinmount                                                   CBC      Austin Castle Building Centre

Lakefield                                                   TMBC     Kingdon Timber Mart

                                                                                     R & J Machine Marine Docking & Lift 

Lively                                                            CBC      Pinehill Lumber

Magnetawan                                           HHBC     Magnetawan Home Hardware Building C

McDougall                                                                Porch to Pier 

Norland                                                                      North Country Custom Docks

North Bay                                                 HHBC     Gateway Home Hardware

Parry Sound                                                              Georgian Bay Marina

                                                                                      Premium Dock & Marine Systems

                                                                    RONA      Rona Parry Sound

Picton                                                          CBC       CF Evans Lumber Co.

Port Severn                                                               Taylor Docks Incorporated

Servern                                                                       Whitewater Docks

Sioux Lookout                                         HHBC      Sioux Lookout HHBC

South Porcupine                                                     Ryeway Custom Docks

Toronto                                                                       BoatNDock

Waubaushene                                                           Boyd Custom Woodwork 

                                                                                      Paradise Docks & Lakeside Living

Woodview                                                                  Kawartha Docks


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